Scientific Community: ENRICH International Network


The goal of bringing together an International Network of research and practice leaders is to enhance opportunities for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and research collaboration.

Coming together as a team, we have a greater opportunity to advance knowledge by learning from one another and moving forward together, rather than repeating alone what has already been tried. Collaboration within our Network facilitates the sharing of information to examine potential solutions and pitfalls relevant to the area of healthy weights in women of reproductive age. This collaboration also allows us to present current research and discuss the implications relative to our program goal.

Researchers working with diverse groups of women in different geographical areas around the world are initiating efforts to identify effective and practical strategies to support women in managing their weight and minimizing their risk of poor dietary habits during this vulnerable life period. To achieve our research goal, it is important that we continue to build upon existing research and learn about concurrent projects in order to move forward and avoid unnecessary duplication of trials.

ENRICH has held two International Meetings so far. The Network members have also contributed to student training and project development within ENRICH; we look forward to helping them in return in the future. Members of the International Network are listed on the About Us > Team Members page.