ENRICH Research Summaries 

Below are summaries that have been created for each ENRICH publication. 

Understanding Weight Changes in Pregnancy and Postpartum


Jarman, M., Yuan, Y., Pakseresht, M., Shi, Q., Robson, P. J., & Bell, R. C. (2016). Patterns and trajectories of gestational weight gain: A prospective cohort study. CMAJ Open, 4(2), E338.

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Elliott, S. A., Pereira, L. C. R., McCargar, L. J., Prado, C. M., Bell, R. C. and the ENRICH Study Team. (2018). Trajectory and determinants of change in lean soft tissue over the postpartum period. British Journal of Nutrition, 1-9.

Pereira, L.C.R., Purcell, S.A., Elliott, S.A., McCargar, L.J., Bell. R.C., Robson P.J., Prado, C.M., ENRICH team. (2019). The use of whole body calorimetry to compare measured versus predicted energy expenditure in postpartum women. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 109(3): 554-565.


Promoting Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain to all Pregnant Women


Morris, J., Nikolopoulos, H., Berry, T., Jain, V., Vallis, M., Piccinini-Vallis, H., & Bell, R. C. (2018). Healthcare providers’ gestational weight gain counselling practices and the influence of knowledge and attitudes: a cross-sectional mixed methods study. BMJ Open, 7(11), 1-10.

Nikolopoulos, H., Mayan, M., MacIsaac, J., Miller, T., & Bell, R. C. (2017). Women’s perceptions of discussions about gestational weight gain with health care providers during pregnancy and postpartum: A qualitative study. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 17(1), 97.

Graham, J.E., Moore, J.L., Bell, R.C., Miller, T. (2019). Digital Marketing to Promote Healthy Weight Gain Among Pregnant Women in Alberta: An Implementation Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(2): E111534.

Working with Community-Based Organizations


Quintaniha, M., Mayan, M.J., Thompson, J., Bell. R.C., ENRICH team. (2015).Different Approaches to Cross-Lingual Focus Groups: Lessons from a Cross Cultural Community-based Participatory Research Project in the ENRICH Study. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 14(5): 1-10.

Quintanilha, M., Mayan, M.J., Thompson, J., & Bell, R. C. (2016). Contrasting “back home” and “here: how Northeast African migrant women perceive and experience health during pregnancy and postpartum in Canada. International Journal for Equity in Health, 15(80), 1-8.

Quintanilha, M., Mayan, M. J., Raine, K. D., Bell, R. C. (2018). Nurturing maternal health in the midst of difficult life circumstances: a qualitative study of women and providers connected to a community-based perinatal program. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 18(9): 314.

Working with a First Nations Community


Oster, R. T., Bruno, G., Montour, M., Roasting, M., Lightning, R., Rain, P., . Bell, R. C. (2016). Kikiskawâwasow - prenatal healthcare provider perceptions of effective care for first nations women: An ethnographic community-based participatory research study. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 16(1), 216. doi:10.1186/s12884-016-1013-x

Oster, R. T., Bruno, G., Mayan, M.J., Toth, E. L. Bell, R. C., and the ENRICH First Nations Community Advisory Committee. (2018). Peyakohewamak- Needs of Involved Nehiyaw (Cree) Fathers Supporting Their Partners During Pregnancy: Findings From the ENRICH Study. Qualitative Health Research, 28(14), 2208-2219.




Adam, L. M., Manca, D. P., Bell, R. C. (2016). Can Facebook Be Used for Research? Experiences Using Facebook to Recruit Pregnant Women for a Randomized Controlled Trail. J Med Internet Res, 18(9):e250.

Jarman, M., Adam, L., Lawrence, W., Barker, M., Bell, R.C., ENRICH Team. (2019). Healthy conversation skills as an intervention to support healthy gestational weight gain: Experiences and perceptions from intervention deliverers and participants. Patient Education and Counseling, 102(5): 924-931.