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Program aims to tackle high rates of food insecurity in African community in Edmonton (6/13/2019) - Grocery Run, a partnership between MCHB and the University of Alberta, takes food that would otherwise go to waste... Read More
Indigenous elder mentorship program leads to healthier babies in Wetaskiwin area (6/13/2019) - Elders connect with expectant mothers, bring cultural awareness to prenatal program. Read More
What makes a great dad during pregnancy? (6/13/2019) - UAlberta research helps answer the question just in time for Father’s Day. Read More
No magic pill for postpartum weight loss (6/13/2019) - Breastfeeding to aid weight loss is a myth, University of Alberta nutrition researchers find. Read More
Food Program offers lifeline to immigrant and refugee families in need (6/13/2019) - “To me, this program is like oxygen.” Read More
The Edmonton Social Planning Committee featured an article on the Grocery Run Program (6/13/2019) - The Grocery Run Program aims to address the need for emergency food for immigrant and refugee families, while also minimizing food waste and promoting collaboration among organizations doing similar work in our city. Read More
The Lois Hole Hospital for Women featured ENRICH research on their Facebook page (6/11/2019) - Work funded by donors to the Lois Hole Hospital for Women and the Women and Children's Health Research Institute have allowed PhD student Maira Quintanilha to examine the unmet social and economic needs of migrant women during pregnancy and postpartum. Read More
Health-care providers often skipping pregnancy weight gain conversations (6/11/2019) - UAlberta study reveals surprising lack of adherence to guidelines that address growing concern of gestational weight gain. Read More
Kokums and Mosoms helping expectant parents (2/15/2017) - The Elders Mentoring Program was developed from ENRICH's partnership with Maskwacis Health Services and the Wetaskiwin Primary Care Network. Read More
Canadian Consensus on Female Nutrition: Adolescence, Reproduction, Menopause, and Beyond (6/1/2016) - Our very own, Dr. Bell was one of the co-authors for the Clinical Practical Guideline for Female Nutrition published in June of 2016 by the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Canada. Read More

March 2015

ENRICH Co-PI and PO4 Lead Maria Mayan was awarded a Lifelong Learning Award, presented by the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, "Lifelong Learning Gala, 10 years on the go: Find out the names honoured at this year's event"

June 2014

University of Alberta, "A study for New Mothers: Metabolism Assessment at 3 and 9 Months Postpartum"

April 2014, "Study looks at women's weight gain during pregnancy"

November 14, 2013

University of Alberta, Weighing the Impact of Collaborative Research

Also published in:
The Meleorist, University of Lethbridge, November 8, 2013
The Gauntlet, University of Calgary, November 7, 2013
Calgary Herald, October 30, 2013
Edmonton Journal, October 30, 2013
Globe and Mail, Report on Business, October 30, 2013
Lethbridge Herald, October 30, 2013
National Post, Financial Post, October 30, 2013

November 13, 2013

The Gateway, University of Alberta, "Researcher explores pregnant women’s weight issues"

October 30, 2013

Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta, "Achieving healthy weights during and after pregnancy"

Edmonton Journal, "‘Eating for two’ philosophy isn't healthy for moms – study to help pregnant women keep weight gain under control"

Also published in: Network, October 30, 2013, October 30, 2013
Hong Kong, October 30, 2013
Regina, October 30, 2013, October 30, 2013
Vancouver, October 30, 2013

Additional media coverage: CBC French Radio, Edmonton, October 30, 2013 & City TV Edmonton, October 30, 2013

October 29, 2013

CTV Edmonton News,“Studying pregnancy weight gain”

Also aired on:
CTV Calgary, October 30, 2013
CTV Northbay, October 30, 2013
CTV Ottawa, October 30, 2013
CTV Sault St. Marie, October 30, 2013
CTV Sudbury, October 30, 2013
CTV Timmons, October 30, 2013

Newstalk (CHQR Radio 770), "Pregnant women eating too much"

Sun News,"Study aims to dispel pregnant myth of eating for two"

Additional media coverage: 

CBC Radio, Edmonton, live interview with Dr. Rhonda Bell, October 29, 2013
CBC French Radio, Edmonton, October 29, 2013
Global TV Edmonton, October 29, 2013
Global TV Calgary, October 29, 2013
630 CHED Radio, Edmonton, October 29, 2013